Remains identified in Sask. as missing N.L. woman

Saskatchewan RCMP have confirmed that human remains found on the weekend belong to Carol King, the former Newfoundland woman who has been missing for three weeks.
Saskatchewan RCMP have confirmed that human remains found on the weekend belong to Carol King, the former Newfoundland woman who has been missing for three weeks.
RCMP confirm remains found on the weekend were those of Carol King. (CBC)

King, 40, was last seen Aug. 6 in Herschel, about 150 kilometres southwest of Saskatoon. Her vehicle was found Aug. 10 in a slough. A friend said that on the day of her disappearance King was heading to Rosetown to give a statement to police about being harassed.

On the weekend a volunteer from Saskatoon originally from the Herschel area was searching a rural property north of the community when he found the remains.

The identification was made through dental records, police said Monday afternoon. King's family has been notified.

Police have said the death is suspicious and are continuing to investigate. 

"The primary focus of the autopsy today was to determine the identity," said RCMP Corporal Rob King. "We've been successful in doing that. Things like cause of death ... condition of the remains and things like that are all things that would be closely guarded to protect the integrity of the investigation."

Shann Minish says she knew Carol King well and spoke to King the day she disappeared. They were supposed to have supper that night.

Minish helped with the volunteer search and stayed in contact with King's family.

It's been a long three weeks, starting with a mysterious disappearance, then the discovery of King's car, and finally her body.

Minish says it's been tough to take. "It's devastating for sure. You not only lose a friend but a member of the community and especially in this way."

While she was always hoping King would be found alive, Minish says the discovery will help provide some closure.

"At least they do know where she is, and I think you can proceed with the next steps that need to be taken to find out who did this."