Something up their sleeves: New ReginaCadabra Magic Festival aims to become international attraction

The ReginaCadabra Magic Festival debuts in Regina at the end of July but its chairman is already looking forward to its future.

First-ever Regina magic festival kicks off July 26

Chester McBain, a veteran magician, showcases his skill at the ReginaCadabra launch event. (Dan Plaster/CBC)

Brent Kloeble has high hopes for the new ReginaCadabra Magic Festival, which makes its debut July 26 in the city.

Kloeble, who is the chairman of the event, hopes the festival gains enough momentum to become an international attraction. 

"It's an exciting event for Regina. There's nothing really like that around here," Kloeble said.

"We can make this a big tourism event," Kloeble said of the family-friendly festival, which will feature 10 performers throughout the week. "We know people will travel in to come see it."

By 2019, he hopes to have the Canadian Convention of Magicians involved in the festival, along with the homegrown talent.

"We do want to make sure that we're definitely showcasing and highlighting some of our own talent as well as talent from around Canada." 

Kloeble said there are about 20 magicians in Saskatchewan.

Magician Richy Roy will lead a workshop on July 30 in which he'll teach children some of the tricks of the trade. (Dan Plaster/CBC)

Richy Roy is one of those Saskatchewa magicians — and for him, the festival has been a long time coming. 

"I think magic is really hidden in Saskatchewan. People don't know a lot of magicians are here but it's very rich with the magical entertainment," Roy said.

Roy said the festival is Regina's chance to see the province's magic scene first-hand. 

He recalled learning magic from Chester McBain, a magician who will join him on the the festival bill, as a child in Weyburn.

"It doesn't matter how old you are — it's going to bring you back to that sense of wonder," Roy said.

Performing magic became his first job and is now his professional career.

After his July 30 performance, up to 50 children will have an opportunity to learn how some magic tricks from Roy, Kloeble said.

"I want to give that back now," Roy said. "I want to teach other young children how to become a magician and I'm hoping maybe 10 or 15 years later, there's going to be a young magician who grows up, because I was part of inspiring him, to become a magician," Roy said. 

Brent Kloeble has his sights set on the new festival becoming an international attraction. (Dan Plaster/CBC)

The festival was the recipient of a $20,000 sponsorship to start up the new event from the Regina Hotel Association and was in competition with several other events for the prize.

"We really do hope the community of Regina and surrounding area do come out and support us for this event," Kloeble said. 

With files from Dan Plaster