Regina Votes: Incumbent mayor Michael Fougere would focus on infrastructure, growth and safety if re-elected

Regina's incumbent mayor, Michael Fougere, is seeking another term in office. His platform will be to address community safety, the local economy and infrastructure spending.

Platform includes infrastructure spending, growing the economy and ensuring a safe community

Regina's incumbent mayor Michael Fougere is seeking re-election in the October civic election. He is proudest of Regina's council, the civic pension plan and completing the waste water treatment plant and new stadium on-time and on budget. (Tiffany Cassidy/CBC News)

CBC Radio's The Morning Edition is speaking with Regina's mayoral candidates this week.

Michael Fougere, the incumbent mayor of Regina, was today's guest. He is one of five people vying for the mayor's office in the upcoming civic election Oct. 26. 

His campaign platform's main points are infrastructure spending, such as improving road conditions in the city, encouraging economic growth and ensuring the people of Regina feel safe in their community. 


Fougere said he is proud of the things accomplished in the city during his time in office. The civic pension plan, new waste water treatment plant and the new stadium being finished on time and on budget are some of the things he looks back fondly. 

He said there have been some difficulties with roads and infrastructure — like the Victoria Ave overpass — but believes people will warm up to the money spent. 

"We're actually making that section of the street much better," he said. 

Fougere thinks the council has done a great job with the city.

"We did so many good things and the achievements that we've stuck with what I think peoples' priorities are, which is value for tax dollars, investing in infrastructure, safe and prosperous community, and enhancing our quality of life in our city, focusing on culture, our artistic and music communities as well are really, really important," Fougere said.

He said the next big step is the rail renewal project in downtown Regina. 

Concern about transparency

The issue of transparency among the city council was raised as a concern by mayoral candidate Tony Fiacco, who took issue with previous city manager Glen Davies' expenses and severance package. 

Fougere said the severance wasn't negotiated by him or the council, but the previous administration. The expense claims were routine procedure, he said. 

"You certainly have to honour a contract," Fougere said.

"The new city manager [Chris Holden] has agreed, and this council has agreed, that the severance that he would receive would be exactly in line with any other employee of the city of Regina."

Community relations

While the relationship between police and the community isn't perfect, Fougere said it is a strong one.

"Things can always improve, no question about that," he said. 

"We do have a police service that listens and reaches out in terms of its community policing activities," Fougere added. 

He complimented Troy Hagen, the former police chief who retired in August after eight years on the job, on an elders advisory group who are still working with the police to help them better understand the Indigenous community.

The council's outreach to the community, with the Truth and Reconciliation Committee kept in mind, is ensuring steps are taken to honour and commemorate the cemetery on Pinkie Road, Fougere said.

"We understand what has happened in the past and we want to rectify that in the future." 


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