Regina tech firm creates Google Glass news app using CBC content

Regina tech company Oh Media created an app for Google Glass using CBC breaking news and top stories as content.

Oh Media was just one of about a dozen firms chosen by Google to help test the new product.

Oh Media's Google Glass app uses CBC News stories to put breaking news right in front of the user's eyes. (CBC News)

It may look a little silly, but Google Glass could be the future of breaking news.

A few months ago Regina tech firm, Oh Media, became one of just a handful of Canadian companies chosen to help Google develop its latest venture into wearable technology.

Scott Whitehead of Oh Media helped develop a Google Glass app that uses CBC News content. (CBC News)

“It was pretty exciting around the agency, everyone kind of met up in the lounge area to go and try them on … and get pictures with them,” said Scott Whitehead, interactive team lead for Oh Media.

After perusing American news apps, including ones by CNN and the New York Times, Oh Media decided to bring Canadian news into the fold, using CBC as its source.

Using breaking news and top stories the company created an app for the glasses that puts news in front of your eyes.

“You will see a picture of the actual, the latest news story as well as a headline. And then if you tap the side of the glasses, you'll have the option to share, delete or have the glasses read them out loud,” Whitehead said.

The app only took about a week to develop from the first idea to the finished product.

Whitehead said people who use push notifications on their cell phones - messages sent instantly from apps like Twitter to a smartphone - would like the Google Glass app.

“Having it up front and centre just takes that to the next step,” he said.

Google Glass is not yet available in Canada, but Americans can purchase a pair for about $1500.

with files from CBC's Arielle Zerr