Regina's Harbour Landing will need 2nd school by 2020: report

By 2019, enrolment at the elementary school is expected to exceed capacity by 130%.

School division says suburb has seen steady growth since 2010

Regina Public Schools division says a second school is needed in the city's southwest area. (CBC)

Regina Public Schools says it's time to start planning for a second school in the ever-growing Harbour Landing neighbourhood.

According to a report submitted to the division, École Harbour Landing elementary school opened this fall with around 650 students enrolled.

The report indicates that if the area's population keeps growing as fast as it has since 2010, the school will exceed capacity in 2019 by 130 per cent.

By 2020, more than 1,000 students are expected to be enrolled.

"With continued development in Harbour Landing and the growth of the French Immersion program as it continues to add grade cohorts, the projected enrolment will grow substantially beyond the capacity of the new school," the report reads.

"At least one new school is required to support programming for southwest Regina."

The report indicates the current school is not capable of being expanded so it recommends the division start planning for a new school to be build in the area before the 2020 school year.