5 collisions on Ring Road as Regina commuters grapple with winter road conditions

Winter weather troubles continue in Regina with several single-vehicle collisions across the city on Wednesday morning.

Regina school buses cancelled for 3rd consecutive day

This vehicle was involved in one of five collisions on Regina's Ring Road on Wednesday morning. (Kirk Fraser/CBC News)

Winter weather troubles continue in Regina with several single-vehicle collisions across the city on Wednesday morning.

Five collisions took place on Wednesday, with multiple taking place on the Ring Road, but incidents also occurred on Lewvan Drive and near the east Dewdney Avenue and Ring Road exit. No injuries were reported, according to Regina police.

Some of the city's roads have been covered in snow since a weekend storm blanketed Regina and much of southern Saskatchewan with dozens of centimetres of snow. 

Regina road crews have been working around the clock to clear roads but city workers have said it could take more than a week before roads are satisfactorily cleared. 

School buses in snow-covered Regina are out of commission for the third consecutive day as a result of the roads in the city.

Regina Public Schools and Regina Catholic Schools announced that all bus services, including the special bus services offered by Regina Transit, have been cancelled Wednesday.

No injuries were reported but there were several collisions on Wednesday as commuters grappled with winter weather driving conditions. (Kirk Fraser/CBC)

Parents are asked to report their children's absences to the schools.

The cancellations come as Regina digs itself out following a weekend snowstorm that dumped more than 30 centimetres on the city. 

Many roads and sidewalks are clogged with snow, making it difficult to get around by vehicle or on foot.

In the city of Moose Jaw, buses have stopped running altogether until further notice. Paratransit is still available in that city, however.

Regina Transit also has a lengthy list of delays which can be viewed here.

Police at the scene of one of the collisions Wednesday. (Kirk Fraser/CBC)