Regina's water problem being addressed, Brad Wall says

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says "decisions have been made" on dealing with a water supply issue affecting Regina.

Details expected Friday

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall at a speaking engagement in Regina Thursday night. (CBC)

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says "decisions have been made" on dealing with a water supply issue affecting Regina, Moose Jaw and other communities that rely on water from Buffalo Pound Lake.

According to the city, the supply of water has fallen in recent days because the treatment plant is having difficulty processing unexpected excess algae in the water.

Regina is using back-up well water to maintain supplies and has asked citizens and industry to reduce water use.

The water woes were addressed by Wall when he spoke to reporters after a function in the city.

"We want to work with the city of Regina to make sure upstream we're providing the supply," Wall said Thursday night. "I believe those decisions have been made."

According to a media advisory issued earlier Thursday, officials from the provinces Water Security Agency "will be offering support to the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant in response to water treatment issues".

Details on that are set to be unveiled Friday morning.

"Rain is what we need," Wall added Thursday night. "We need some rain in the province, ironically after these years of flooding."

A city official said that an appeal to residents and businesses to reduce water consumption was having a positive effect, although it was not precisely quantified.

The city said wind or rain would be helpful, not to supply more water in the system but to help with the quality of the water coming into the water treatment plant.


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