Regina's Café Français run by man from India and chef from Korea

A hotel manager from India and a pastry chef from Korea have come together to start a French café in Regina.

Bringing a taste of Paris to the prairies

Depraj Kumar and Inyoung Chang from Café Français in Regina. (Nichole Huck/CBC)

Depraj Kumar went to London, England and fell in love. But it wasn't with a person, it was with European café culture.

And he has brought that passion with him all the way to Regina.

Kumar was born and raised in India, but when he moved to London in his twenties to study hotel management he was exposed to a whole new world of food. 

"I have a nature of appreciating other cuisines and other cultures as well. When I saw those beautiful creations — the pastries, the food, the combination of so many different products coming together and creating that magic in your mouth — It just took me away," said Kumar. 

I have a nature of appreciating other cuisines and other cultures as well.- Depraj Kumar

Inyoung Chang has a similar appreciation for expanding her palette. The South Korean-born chef studied French cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu in Korea. 

"French food is said to be the best in the world," said Chang.

The two ultimately ended up working together at the Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina — Kumar as the food and beverage manager, Chang as a pastry chef. 

Chef Inyoung Chang (right) says the crème brulee brioche is her favourite food to serve new customers. (Nichole Huck/CBC)

The duo shared a common dream of one day opening their own café with a European touch. 

The café, located at 1-425 Victoria Avenue in Regina, is a destination for the city's French community. 

Kumar said his French customers skip the pastry section and go straight to the boulangerie. 

"We make our own brioche, we make our own baguettes, everything is freshly made everyday," explained Kumar. 

This story is part of a Morning Edition series on Regina restaurants. 


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