Regina's Brad Bellegarde shares residential school stories with hip-hop

Hip-hop artist Brad Bellegarde combines music and storytelling to connect young people to Indigenous culture.

InfoRed performs 'I Remember' live on CBC's The Morning Edition

Regina's Brad Bellegarde performed 'I Remember' live in studio with Morning Edition host Stefani Langenegger. 4:38

Regina musician Brad Bellegarde, also known as InfoRed, said hip hop is the best way to reach the next generation of Aboriginal storytellers. 

"We need to reconnect with that culture and storytelling has always been a cornerstone of First Nations culture," Bellegarde said. "So the only way to relate to them right now is rap music. I've been given the gift so I might as well share it."

Bellegarde is taking part in the Sâkêwêwak Storytellers Festival in Regina. The festival features storytelling by elders, filmmakers, poets, visual artists, and musicians.

Brad Bellegarde AKA InfoRed is using hip-hop to share his family's experience with residential schools. (Nichole Huck/CBC)
Bellegarde said he was inspired to write a song about his family's experience with residential schools after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission put out a call for songs. 

He asked his mother and uncle to tell him their stories and memories from their first days at residential school. The result is 'I Remember', a powerful song that will be released on his upcoming album, Rediculous Stories.

Bellegarde performed 'I Remember' live in studio with Morning Edition host Stefani Langenegger


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