Regina riding: Regina-Lewvan

This new urban riding has more voters than any other Saskatchewan riding.

5 candidates run in new all-urban riding

Wojciech Dolata/Libertarian Party, Tamela Friesen/Green Party, Louis Browne/Liberal, Trent Fraser/Conservative Party, Erin Weir/NDP (Abby Schneider)

Regina-Lewvan is located in the west of the city. This area used to belong to the ridings of Palliser and Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre, two ridings that no longer exist. 

The new boundaries mean this riding is all-urban.

In the last election, the rural areas around Regina favoured the Conservative Party.

The riding map for Regina-Lewvan (Elections Canada)

If we look at just the polls in the city under these new boundaries, the NDP received 45 per cent of the vote and the Conservative Party 44 per cent.

This is also an area of the city with a lot of growth. There are many new neighbourhoods and communities. 

Regina-Lewvan has the most voters of all the Saskatchewan ridings. It also has the most candidates running in a Regina.


Louis Browne — Liberal Party of Canada 
Louis Browne/Liberal Party (Abby Schneider)

Browne is a litigation lawyer in Regina. He served as an elected city councilor in Regina from 2006 to 2012.

As a councilor, he was a member of the executive committee, the finance and administration committee, and the public works committee.

"We need a partner in Ottawa. We need a Prime Minister and government who care about city issues... our issues and we don't have it in Mr. Harper."


Wojciech Dolata — Libertarian Party 
Wojciech Dolata/Libertarian Party (Abby Schneider)

Dolata is a medical doctor who is originally from Poland. He is fluent in four languages.

Dolata calls himself "an unrepentant individualist." He is part of the Libertarian Party because he says he wants to push for more independence for the members of Parliament.

"We know our needs better. We don't need approval from bureaucrats in Ottawa who probably can't even point to where Regina is on the map."


Trent Fraser — Conservative Party of Canada 
Trent Fraser/Conservative Party (Abby Schneider)

Fraser runs his own marketing and communications company in Regina.

He has a background in economics and more than a decade of experience working behind the scenes on civic, provincial and federal campaigns.

He has worked on the Saskatchewan Roughriders' marketing and branding. 

"What we're hearing at the doors is really about three things. It's about economy. It's about safety and security in Canada and about leadership."


Tamela Friesen — Green Party 
Tamela Friesen/ Green Party (Abby Schneider)

Friesen currently works at the University of Regina and planning to get a masters in public policy.

As part of the Green Party, she's campaigning to get rid of the first-past-the-post voting system.

She has a background in both the public and private sector.

"My personal election issue is, by far, we have a democratic crisis in Canada."


Erin Weir — NDP 
Erin Weir/NDP (Abby Schneider)

Weir grew up in Regina and ran for the Saskatchewan NDP leadership in 2012.

He has work experience as an economist in both official languages.

Weir also has a masters in public administration.

"People are really looking for a different government and I think they are recognizing that in Regina-Lewvan, the NDP is the vehicle to achieve that change." 


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