Regina residents to pay more for buses, water in 2016

The City of Regina is ringing in the new year with higher fees and levies.

Dumping small loads at landfill will cost $5 less, however

Regina bus fares are going up in 2016. A single adult fare will cost $3, up 25 cents. (Kim Jay/CBC)

The City of Regina is ringing in the new year with higher fees and levies.

One of the biggest hikes will be to water rates, which are going up by 5 per cent. That works out to $7.40 per month for the average water consumer, the city says.

People who use public transit will have to dig into their pockets for a little more change. In 2016, a single adult fare on a city bus will rise to $3 from $2.75.

A monthly pass (adult) goes from $75 to $84.

Meanwhile, some people who haul stuff to the dump will be getting a break in the new year. Right now, a small load (200 kilograms or less) costs $15, but in 2016, the landfill fee will drop to $10.

For big loads, the price is going up. The per-tonne rate goes up to $80 from $75.

Finally, property owners will also be paying more in 2016. Earlier this month, council approved a tax increase of 3.3 per cent.


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