23 Regina puppies take a long drive to Victoria for adoption

Four litters of puppies from Saskatchewan have been transported to B.C. to find homes in a city desperate for more furry friends.

Puppies in high demand in B.C.'s capital while Saskatchewan shelters overcrowded

Four litters of puppies were taken to Victoria by a volunteer. The 26-hour drive meant frequent stops and clean ups. (CCRezQ Facebook)

Four litters of puppies from Saskatchewan have been transported to B.C. to find homes in a city desperate for more furry friends.

There is a shortage of stray puppies up for adoption in Victoria. In Regina, shelters are facing the exact opposite problem.

CC RezQs Regina has more than 50 puppies in care. Having reached capacity, and with calls about stray puppies still coming in, the organization recently partnered with the Victoria Humane Society.

CC RezQs Regina co-ordinated the trip with the Victoria Humane Society. (CC RezQs Regina/Facebook)

Stephanie Senger, foster co-ordinator, said she received a message from a woman in Regina who used to live in Victoria and had previously transported animals for the Humane Society there.  

With eight litters in care and three others waiting to be picked up, she offered to take some dogs on the 26-hour drive to Victoria.  

Senger had just picked up 16 new puppies the night before and decided to also send seven others that were already in care.

"With our numbers, we just felt it was a better option to get them families more promptly," she said

CC RezQs Regina currently has more than 50 puppies in care. (CC RezQs Regina)

In the past, CC RezQs has sent puppies to B.C. by plane for adoption. The drive meant frequent stops for puppy bathroom breaks and constant cleaning.

The director from the Victoria Humane Society assured Senger the puppies would find homes easily there. She told her that the last litter of 10 they had in Victoria elicited 332 applications.

"There's just such a shortage [of puppies] for people who would like to adopt right on the island or in Victoria that she was super confident," Senger said.

"She literally said that they could handle as many as the driver thought she could fit comfortably and safely in her vehicle."  

Puppies are in high demand at the Victoria Humane Society, where a recent litter of 10 elicited 332 applications. (CCRezQs Facebook)

Senger said she wants to keep working with the Victoria Humane Society regularly if they continue to have space for puppies. Puppies keep coming in to their rescue group and the local Humane Society is also full. 

On Dec. 8, Senger said she picked up 22 dogs and just two days later she picked up six more.

In rural communities, Senger said pet owners don't have as much access to veterinarians and lots of dogs aren't spayed or neutered. She said one female dog can have seven to 10 puppies three times a year, meaning up to 30 new puppies from one mother alone. 

The organization is looking for more people willing to foster the animals, to keep up with the demand for shelter until the puppies find permanent homes.