'Accelerated' student growth could crowd Regina schools

As the number of students projected to attend elementary schools in the suburbs continues to grow, overcrowding is possible, a new report says.

Temporary relocation of Connaught driving down enrolment at replacement school

A. E. Perry school is one of four elementary schools with enrolment levels projected to exceed the board of education's model by 2018. (Google Street View)

The number of students projected to attend elementary schools in the suburbs continues to grow, according to a report prepared by Regina's public school division.

Schools in the city's northwest and southeast — as well as those accepting students from the Harbour Landing neighbourhood — are projected to exceed program targets, which the report says has the potential for overcrowding.

"Continued growth of the City of Regina has accelerated student growth in the suburbs," says the report that went to the board of education earlier this week. 

The report notes that three new schools will alleviate some of that pressure when they open in 2017.

400 new students a year expected

The number of children attending elementary schools in the city is expected to grow by about 400 students each year, which is equivalent to the size of an average-sized elementary school.

Growth at high schools is expected to remain level, until 2018 when those younger children move in to the high school system.

Meanwhile, a few schools struggle with low enrolment. Both the English and French immersion programs at Connaught and M.J. Coldwell schools have fewer students than the division would like.

The report says the temporary relocation of students from Connaught, while that school is rebuilt, is contributing to the decline.

The report recommends the numbers continue to be reviewed to determine whether attendance policies, boundaries or the expansion of schools are necessary.

Enrolment projections in a report prepared by the Regina public school division show elementary school growth of about 400 students per year. (Regina Public School Division report)


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