Regina police officer Robert Power wins appeal of dismissal, back on the job

Robert Power, the Regina police officer who had been dismissed following an incident involving a drunken man, has won his job back.

Officer dismissed following an incident involving a drunken man

Robert Power, the Regina police officer who was dismissed over an incident related to an intoxicated man in 2012, has won his job back. Power was found not guilty of assault, in court. That case is under appeal. (CBC)
Regina Police Chief Troy Hagen said he accepts a hearing officer's decision to reinstate officer Robert Power. (CBC)
Robert Power, the Regina police officer who had been dismissed following an incident involving a drunken man, has won his job back.

The move to reinstate Power was announced Monday, following a decision by a hearing officer who examined the circumstances of the dismissal which took effect in March of 2013. The incident with the intoxicated man occurred ten months earlier, in May of 2012.

The hearing officer's decision, dated Nov. 21, 2014, determined that the chief of police went too far in dismissing Power over how he conducted himself with the intoxicated man. The hearing officer said Power should have gone through a discipline process and not outright dismissal.

In a statement Monday, Troy Hagen, the chief of police, said he believed he had made the right call to dismiss Power but is ready to accept the decision of the hearing officer.

Power's reinstatement comes with some conditions. While he wins his job back, he will not be fully reimbursed for the entire loss of pay as he must forego 13 months of pay as part of the discipline recommended by the hearing officer. He will also be on close supervision while at work and he will be on administrative duties.

He must also take some additional training.

The incident with the intoxicated man also led to criminal charges. Power has been through the court system and found not guilty of assault. The Crown prosecutor, however, has launched an appeal of the court's decision.

Power is a 42-year-old officer who worked for the RCMP and joined the Regina Police Service in 2007.

According to the hearing officer, the intoxicated man had no memory of the incident involving Power.

According to evidence presented to the hearing officer, Power was seen on a video monitor delivering a kicking blow to the intoxicated man, which led to the man falling and hitting his head on the concrete. Initially, Power told investigating officers that he did not recall what happened with the intoxicated man.


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