Regina police member charged with assault following excessive force complaint from another officer

A 16-year member of the Regina Police Service has been charged with assaulting a woman while on duty.

Const. Roger Wiebe, 50, has been placed on administrative duty

The Regina Police Service says one of their constables, a 16-year member of the service, has been charged with assaulting a woman while on duty. Chief Evan Bray says there were three officers who responded to the April 21 call. It was one of those officers that made the complaint of excessive force. (Olivier Jodouin/Radio-Canada)

A Regina Police Service member has been charged with assault on Monday, following an excessive force complaint after an April incident involving an unidentified woman.

Chief Evan Bray said the assault allegedly took place when three officers responded to a call for a person requiring assistance on North Railway Street around 5:00 p.m. CST in Regina on April 21st. Bray said the woman walked away from the scene.

Const. Roger Wiebe, 50, a 16-year member of the RPS, is scheduled to appear in provincial court in Regina on Aug. 11. It is the first time Wiebe has been charged.

"We don't actually know the identity of the woman in this case," Bray said. 

"We aren't 100 per cent conclusive as to whether the woman that was involved in this incident, where ultimately charges were laid, is the same person that was called in about by a member of the public."

North Railway Street is located just west of Albert Street, on the north end of Saskatchewan Drive, along the train tracks near old Mosaic Stadium.

The woman is being sought out by police for a statement about the incident, Bray said. The investigation will involve a review of the incident and the officers involved.

Bray said a concerned officer reported the incident. Time had passed since then, but the complaint was received the same day as the alleged incident, Bray noted. 

The alleged assault occurred on North Railway Street in Regina around 5:00 p.m. CST on April 21st. (Google Maps)

Police began investigating and found video from the in-car cameras in police cruisers. The Public Complaints Commission and prosecutors were then notified.

"Once [the Crown report] came back to us with a recommendation for charges laid, we acted very swiftly to facilitate this," Bray said. 

Wiebe is still working for the police service but has been reassigned to administrative duties pending the outcome of the criminal process.