Volunteers clear junk from back lanes of Regina's North Central

The annual North Central clean-up event is sponsored by Bennett Dunlop Ford.

'It’s amazing how many shopping carts we pull out and tires. A lot of tires,' volunteer says

Many shopping carts were collected during Sunday's annual junk cleanup in Regina's North Central neighbourhood. (Stephanie Taylor/CBC News)

For the seventh year in a row, trucks hauled loads of oversized garbage away from the back lanes of Regina's North Central neighbourhood. 

"Today sort of gives us a chance to kind of do a bit of a reset on the alleys," said Michael Parker, resident and executive director of the North Central Community Association, which organizes the annual cleanup. 

He said the build up of junk like old TVs and furniture can happen because some residents and landlords irresponsibly dump it in alleyways. In other cases, seniors or those on fixed incomes do not have the means to properly dispose of items themselves. 

In past years, between 50-60 large bins were filled with garbage. (Stephanie Taylor/CBC News)

"We hear about other people sometimes dumping into the neighbourhood," he said. 

"It's certainly not everybody, but it affects everybody."

Bennett Dunlop Ford sponsors the cleanup by providing volunteers to collect the junk, as well as the trucks and bins to remove it. 

Dealership president and volunteer Trevor Boquist said around 140 volunteers helped on Sunday, estimating that in prior years 50 or 60 large containers were filled with garbage. 

This year, slightly fewer bins were needed, but there were still tons of stuff collected. 

Volunteers sorted out electronics, shopping carts and wood from the junk. (Stephanie Taylor/CBC News)

"It's amazing how many shopping carts we pull out and tires — a lot of tires and a lot of wood," Boquist said. 

Parker said residents were alerted about the pick-up on Sunday, so some piled their junk near alleyways ahead of time. 

"What's nice is we're actually seeing signs that say 'Thank you North Central' with everything nicely stacked and ready for us to go," Boquist said. 

For next year, Parker hopes organizers can find a way for volunteer crews to clear the neighbourhood of tree branches.