Regina's Muslim Champions League about footy, fun, and feeling at home

For a group of Regina soccer players, Wednesday night was about more than just hitting the pitch for a game of footy.

Rahmah Centre of Regina hosts tournament to help newcomers feel welcome

Organizers hope to hold more events like the Muslim Champions League tournament. (Brian Rodgers/CBC)

For a group of Regina soccer players, Wednesday night was about more than just hitting the pitch for a game of footy.

Some fleet feet took part in the final game of the Muslim Champions League. The special four-day soccer tournament is put on by the Rahmah Centre of Regina, an Islamic organization in the city.

Amar Mohamud, one of the tournament organizers, believes events like this will help newcomers feel welcome in the community.

"In the Middle East, the number one sport — especially for youth — is soccer and we have a lot of Syrian refugees coming in," Mohamud said. "If this is a success going on in the future, we would hope that they would participate with us and enjoy."

Osman Salad Hersi is president of the Rahmah Centre of Regina. (Brian Rodgers/CBC)

Osman Salad Hersi, president of the Rahmah Centre of Regina, said such events are even more helpful as the Muslim population grows.

"This will be some kind of a hub for them to associate with people of the same creed and people of the same background, same culture," Hersi said. "We are here to welcome all of these newcomers and to be a good start for them to see that the Muslim community here is thriving."

The organizers of the event said they are planning to hold another Muslim Champions League tournament in the spring.

The Muslim Champions League in Regina was held over four days. (Brian Rodgers/CBC)


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