Regina man sentenced for grisly assault

A Regina man who ripped a woman's toe off with pliers has been sentenced to three years in prison for aggravated assault.

A Regina man who ripped a woman's toe off with pliers was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison for aggravated assault.

Daniel Theodore, 26, pleaded guilty to the charge last week.

Last July, Theodore and two women took the victim to the outskirts of the city and beat her over a $1,000 drug debt, court heard. After the beating, Theodore held down the victim, took off her shoes and socks and ripped off her baby toe with pliers.

Provincial court judge Marylynne Beaton called the crime an act of "vigilante justice" that has traumatized the victim for life.

Before Theodore drove away from the bleeding woman, he said, "Debt repaid," Beaton said. The victim managed to flag down a passing car and was taken to the hospital.

"One can imagine the pain, both physical and psychological, suffered by the victim," Beaton said. "The victim is left with a lifetime reminder. The message is, 'Don't mess with your creditors.'"

Crown prosecutor Chris White said he'd never dealt with an attack of this nature.

"This is the kind of crime that you don't usually associate with sleepy Regina," White told reporters. "It seems like more of a big city crime."

Two women charged in the case are out on bail, awaiting trial.

The victim is in hiding because she's still afraid, Beaton said.

Defence lawyer Barry Nychuk said Theodore has struggled with substance abuse for years and was using cocaine and alcohol before the incident.

Beaton's three-year sentence was in addition to the five months Theodore has spent in jail awaiting trial.

He had also been charged with forcible confinement and drug possession, but the Crown stayed those charges after Theodore pleaded guilty to aggravated assault.