Regina's 1st legal cannabis shop open for business

The store in Regina to sell legal recreational cannabis opened on Saturday.

The Cannabis Co. YQR opened its doors on Saturday morning

The Cannabis Co. YQR sells a variety of products, including dried cannabis, items used for consuming cannabis and clothing. (Cory Coleman/CBC News)

The Queen City officially has its first legal place to buy recreational cannabis.

The Cannabis Co. YQR, located near Regina's Warehouse District, opened its doors at 11 a.m. Saturday.

Several people eagerly waited outside for the store to open, curious to see what they would find. 

Tyrell Satther was one of those people. He said it was his first time in a legal cannabis shop.

Regina resident Tyrell Satther said Saturday morning was his first time in a store that sells legal recreational cannabis. (Cory Coleman/CBC)

"My mind is just running," he said.

"It's kind of a new experience. It'll be cool I think," said the Regina resident.

The shop sells dried cannabis and items used for consuming cannabis, as well as clothing, among other things. 

Several people waited eagerly for the store to open in Regina. (Cory Coleman/CBC)

Their prices for dried cannabis currently range from $8.88 to $14.63 per gram.

The shop's owners were not available for an interview, but CBC has been told the store is expecting to have more products available in the future.

One of the store's first customers, who asked to be called Jon, said his overall experience in the store was good, especially since he was one of the first people to legally buy recreational marijuana from a Regina store.

"It's definitely a really cool experience. I didn't think I'd see it in my lifetime," he said.

The Cannabis Co. YQR opened to customers at 11 a.m. Saturday. (Cory Coleman/CBC)

"Everybody was really friendly."

The Cannabis Co. YQR opening comes about three weeks after recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada.

At the time of legalization, there were no cannabis stores open in Regina or Saskatoon, sending some shoppers to stores in the cities' suburbs.

The Regina store, located at 1306 Broad St., is scheduled to be open until 8 p.m. Saturday.


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