Regina is getting a new neighbourhood, Council approves Rosewood Park

Regina City Council approved a new neighbourhood in Regina on Tuesday night. Rosewood Park will begin development in the city's northwest.

New community would provide enough housing for 1,000 residents

Rosewood Park Alliance Church is located in northwest Regina, near the community of Maple Ridge. (CBC News)

By 2016, people will be moving in to Regina's newest neighbourhood.

City Council approved a development in northwest Regina called Rosewood Park by a vote of 9-2. 

The proposal was put forward by Rosewood Park Alliance church. They have been trying to develop 20 hectares by their church in northwest Regina for 30 years. 

"We're really thrilled with the decision I know Pastor Weekes is overjoyed and the church is quite happy with this," said Rosewood Park's planning consultant Jason Petrunia.

The councillors that voted against the development said it didn't follow city policy, but Mayor Michael Fougere disagreed. 

"It is clearly is in line with the official community plan and the vast majority of council agrees with that," he said to reporters after the vote.

Fougere said that Rosewood Park would be the first phase of Coopertown, another development proposal before council that has yet to be approved.

The proposal was initially approved by executive council two weeks ago, even though the city's administration advised against it, saying it was not a complete community. 

"All developments are not complete developments until they are completed," said Fougere.

"We see this as a typical development, it's simply the first phase of Coopertown."

The Rosewood Park development will include housing for 1,000 residents and include affordable housing, a senior's home and recreation centre. But despite being built by a church, it insists the neighbourhood is not meant to be a Christian community.

"It's not a faith-based community," explained Petrunia. "It's a community like any other in the city of Regina the only difference is that it has the Rosewood Church as one of the main partners that will be responsible for its development."

Rosewood Park will now have to submit a community plan to the city for approval. 

They expect to break ground in 2015. 

with files from CBC's Adam Hunter