Regina IMAX theatre one of 15 worldwide projecting new Star Wars film

A Regina theatre says it is the only one in Canada, and one of 15 worldwide, projecting Star Wars: The Force Awakens on IMAX-sized film.

Regina's Kramer IMAX Theatre one of 15 in the world projecting Star Wars: The Force Awakens on film

Reboot film is good, maybe great according to CBC's Eli Glasner. 4 stars 6:25

Want to have the best seat in the house for Star Wars:The Force Awakens? The IMAX theatre in Regina says it boasts 159 of the best seats in Canada.

The Kramer IMAX Theatre at the Saskatchewan Science Centre is one of a few cinemas screening Star Wars: The Force Awakens on IMAX film. It said only 15 theatres in the world will show the movie on IMAX film, and the Regina cinema is the only one in Canada projecting it in that format.

Science Centre Marketing Coordinator Jessica Bickford said it is an exciting opportunity for the theatre and its audiences.

"It's really up to IMAX and Disney to decide who gets the movies and who doesn't, so we're really grateful and thankful that we were chosen," Bickford said.

Film size is no Jedi mind trick

Bickford added that part of the movie was shot on IMAX 70mm film which means certain sequences that were shot that way will expand vertically and fill the entire screen. 

"They'll actually expand vertically to fill our gigantic IMAX screens. So the crispness, the clarity, the colour is going to be so amazing and you're actually going to get to see 40 per cent more of the image that was actually filmed on our screens than you would in a regular theatre," she said.

As for which scenes will expand, Bickford said it is under wraps and even she doesn't know yet exactly how it works.

However, she and other fans won't be in the dark for long. Star Wars: The Force Awakens screenings at the Kramer IMAX Theatre begin at 7 p.m. CST Thursday Dec. 17. 

Do or do not (get tickets) — There is no try

Star Wars films always attract die-hard fans and the Regina screenings are no exception. Bickford said many of the theatre's December showings are sold out.

"We have sold out 36 of our 60-some shows in all of December already — just December— and then we've got four more that only have one seat left at this point," she said.


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