Frigid temperatures force temporary closure of Regina's Iceville outdoor rink

Iceville — the outdoor skating rink at Regina's Mosaic Stadium — has been cancelled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday due to extreme weather, the Regina Exhibition Association Limited says.

Iceville will shut down until Friday, with temperatures forecast to plunge well below the –20 C mark

Iceville at Mosaic Stadium is set to reopen later this week. (CBC)

What's billed as Regina's biggest outdoor skating rink is temporarily closing due to the frigid temperatures that have gripped the Prairies.

Skate times at Iceville — the outdoor skating rink at Mosaic Stadium — have been cancelled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday due to extreme weather, according to a press release from the Regina Exhibition Association Limited.

"This decision was made in the interest of safety for REAL's guests and staff due to the extreme weather Regina is experiencing," the Tuesday release says. 

The weather threshold for closing Iceville is if when temperatures drop below –20 C. The forecast highs in Regina are –26 C on Wednesday and –29 C on Thursday, according to Environment Canada.

Anyone who had booked a skate time for the days Iceville is closed will get a refund, REAL said. The rink is set to reopen on Friday, and skate times — at a cost of $5 per person — can be booked until Feb. 3.

If Iceville has to close again because of weather or ice conditions, refunds will be issued again, REAL said.