Thieves put a halt to Regina family's spectacular holiday displays

Roch Dupont and his family just wanted to spread a little joy around. They decorate for every holiday - including Cinco De Mayo and Valentine's Day. But their decorations have been stolen one too many times, and this week, they made the decision to stop decorating.

'I thought it was something nice to do, but obviously it's just not worth it,' says Regina Avenue homeowner

Roch Dupont and his family have decorated their home and front yard to the delight of their neighbours around most holidays. This year, though, he says he's giving it up after losing too many items to thieves. (Submitted by Roch Dupont)

Roch Dupont's home is the gem of Regina Avenue. He decorates his house and front yard around most holidays — even those taken less seriously, like Valentine's Day.

But all of that fun crashed to a halt this week, as Dupont posted a sign outside his home: "Too many thefts — no more decorations."

Dupont's reason for decorating in the first place was simple.

"My parents raised me like that," he said — "to do something for the community to make people happy."

His family has created entire worlds on their front lawn, and people love it. Families have visited the Regina home with their children from as far away as White City and Moose Jaw. Politicians even stop by to congratulate the family on their awe-inspiring displays.

His family's hard work has produced Christmas displays that include a life-size sleigh and Santa. Last year, thieves just picked it up and walked away with it.

"I've lost thousands of dollars of lighting and different displays," said Dupont.

Thieves have made off with thousands of dollars of decorations this year alone, Dupont says. Even though he loves making people happy with his creations, he says says it's just not worth it anymore. (wefallbutoursoulsfly/Reddit)

He chained down an expensive LED light and put in security cameras to monitor it.

That light, and several smaller ones, were stolen.

"Last Halloween they actually walked away with some inflatables."

The thefts have increased over the last month, Dupont said, and he feels like his home may have been targeted.

'I love making friends'

Dupont said he'll miss decorating. The displays weren't just mean to impress the neighbours, he says — they were a way of connecting.

"I love making friends and meeting people, especially making the kids happy," he said.

"I feel so bad because people just take stuff. For what reason, I don't know."

This Halloween will likely be quieter at Dupont's home than last year. His displays usually draw in an average of 400 trick-or-treaters.

"I thought it was something nice to do, but obviously it's just not worth it," he said.

With files from Joelle Seal


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