Regina group planning German Expressionism festival

Some Regina artists have created a new score for a classic silent horror movie and hope it can be the centrepiece of an arts festival next year — with some financial help from the city.

25 artistic events planned over 3 months in 2016

A still from the German Expressionist classic, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. There will be showing of the silent film accompanied by a live performance of the new musical score. (YouTube)

Some Regina artists have created a new score for a classic silent horror movie and hope it can be the centrepiece of an arts festival next year — with some financial help from the city.

The movie is The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and with its unusual camera angles, painted sets and dramatic lighting, it's considered a prime example of the artistic movement known as German Expressionism.

A local group called the Cabinet Collective wants to have a public screening while members of an orchestra accompany it live.

Actors, filmmakers, musicians involved

According to the group's grant application, the screening would be one of 25 events planned for the fall of 2016 involving filmmakers, actors, musicians, puppeteers and others.

"Citizens of Regina will benefit from participating in a city-wide cultural festival that will include a variety of arts and cultural events rarely seen in Regina," the application says.

The group notes that Regina has a large number of people who claim German roots — a part of the city east of the downtown was once known as "Germantown".

The group is asking the city for $24,000 and the matter goes before the city's executive committee (city council in committee form) on Wednesday.

City committee to vote on grants 

City staff are recommending that the project should get the money "in recognition of its significance to the community, the prolonged and meaningful community impact and the building of capacity for future city-wide arts and cultural festivals."

The committee is also being asked to approve grants for two other community events in 2016:

  • $12,200 to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Ukrainians coming to Canada.
  • $9,000 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival.