Regina street safety group formed to curb violence in North Central

White Pony Lodge is a brand new community group aimed at helping reduce violence in North Central Regina.

White Pony Lodge says it plans to start community patrols

Shawna Oochoo, program coordinator with White Pony Lodge, says the community organization will be starting a support group and sharing circle for survivors of residential schools, which will run on a trial basis through the month of January. (Adam Hunter /CBC)

White Pony Lodge is a brand new community group aimed at helping reduce violence in Regina's North Central neighbourhood.

Shawna Oochoo helped create the organization after a homicide in the neighbourhood earlier this year. 

"It was the first murder of this year and just knowing that there was a lot of youth involved," said Oochoo. "Again we lost another community member to the violence. Not just through death but we've lost some through incarceration as well."

Oochoo is referring to the killing of 26-year-old Joshua Harden. Four people have been charged in his death, including three boys under the age of 18.

Taking back the neighbourhood

"Life here is unpredictable and uncertain because of the violence," said Oochoo, who recently moved back to North Central.

She hopes White Pony Lodge can lead the neighbourhood away from the violence. 

"There's a collective group of community members that just want to see change," said Oochoo.

White Pony Lodge will meet with Bear Clan Patrol out of Winnipeg in the next few days. The Winnipeg volunteer safety group walks the streets to help give people a sense of security.

Oochoo says North Central residents have expressed interest in forming a similar patrol in their community.