Regina Food Bank collects 325 tonnes of food

The Regina Food Bank took part in the Great Canadian Food Fight, which wrapped up on Saturday night.

The Great Canadian Food Fight wrapped up Saturday night


Regina is hoping to keep its title of being the Food Fight champion. 

The Regina Food Bank took part in the Great Canadian Food Fight once again this year, which wrapped up on Saturday night. 

Participating food banks across the country hold a contest to see who can raise the most food in a 48 hour period. 

Regina has won the competition the past few years. This year, it raised 325 tonnes. Steve Compton, CEO for Regina's Food Bank, is confident they have once again led the way this year.

Last year, the Regina Food Bank collected 192 tonnes of food. Compton said there were far more schools involved in this year's food drive. 

"A food drive this successful came at exactly the right time and it's going to stock up our shelves with non-perishable items and carry us through those long months of winter as well," Compton said.

Compton said about 250 families or individuals use the food bank daily. 

"It was a tough summer," Compton said. "We'd been in the news a little earlier this year. Our usage had gone up, the amount of folks needing assistance. And our food supplies were at a very, very difficult point."

The results of the Great Canadian Food Fight are expected to be announced on Monday.


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