Regina family travels to Vimy for 100-year anniversary

Eleanor Palmer went to Vimy in honour of her grandfather, John Palmer who was part of the 24th Battalion of Victoria Rifles of Canada.

'I hope we hear the story of this, and hear how costly war is': Eleanor Palmer

Eleanor Palmer said coming to Vimy was a way to honour her grandfather. (CBC)

Eleanor Palmer says the story of Vimy Ridge is the story of the Canadian family.

This weekend, Palmer travelled to France to honour her grandfather John, who served in 24th Battalion, 2nd Division of Victoria Rifles of Canada.

Many Canadians made their pilgrimage to the battle site to pay respect and to commemorate the sacrifices made generations ago.

Palmer fought and survived the taking of Vimy Ridge but four months later was critically wounded at Hill 70, and spent the next nine months in hospital. 

"He returned home a much frailer man," said Palmer. 

She went on to say the war had a lasting impact on her grandfather. "I think it terrified him, and at the end of his life he was afraid that he would have to go back to France to the cold, the mud, all the suffering they went through," said Palmer.

Palmer wore a shirt with her grandfather's photo, name and division to the event. She also brought a list filled with names of uncles and grandparents of friends back home, who had also fought at Vimy.

"I hope we hear the story of this, and hear how costly war is," said Palmer.