Regina elementary kids cutting through spin with election meme wars

Douglas Park students turned politicos are immersed in the election. Now, they are challenging other schools to a Twitter duel in which the winner will boast the wittiest meme.

Regina elementary students turned politicos are taking election learning to the next level: the meme

The kids in Mr. Warner's Grade 7/8 class at Douglas Park School in Regina are challenging other Saskatchewan classrooms to a meme showdown on Twitter. (@MYclassroomSK)

Memes may be elementary when it comes to lighthearted fare on the World Wide Web. However, when it comes to an elementary class in Regina, they are ammunition in a challenge of wits.

Grade 7 and 8 students in Mr. Aaron Warner's class (follow the kids on Twitter @MYclassroomSK) at Douglas Park School are currently camped out on the #elxn42meme Twitter hashtag.

Students in Saskatchewan are playfully duking it out on Twitter in a battle of political memes as part of a national student engagement project called Student Vote. Check it out on Twitter by searching #studentvote15 and see the memes by searching #elxn42meme. (@les8L)

The group of budding politicos have taken to challenging other groups of Saskatchewan students, on Twitter, to a meme war.

Warner said the action online is just one part of his class's election immersion.

"We're in the heat of a major project where kids are designing election campaigns and will vote at the end of the week," he said.

A student from Mr. Warner's Grade 7/8 class at Regina's Douglas Park School created this meme to demonstrate his pretend political party's alliance with the Conservatives. (@MYclassroomSK)

Warner explained more than one million students, like his own, are currently working on fake budgets, ad campaigns and election platforms as part of the national Student Vote project

LES Wildcats' Grade 8 class in Lumsden countered with this meme. Follow @les8L for more of the showdown. (@les8L)

Warner's class has challenged groups of kids from White City to Lumsden in their quest for hilarity and political prowess online.

A meme from Mr. Warner's class at Douglas Park School in support of the Green Party. (@MYclassroomSK)

"[The memes] convey where their party sat on different issues, or the election itself or our political system," Warner said. "The kids really like it, they come in the mornings and say 'Mr. Warner, we got a new one!'"

Are there interesting, unusual or downright hilarious election stories unfolding in your online world? Let me know!

Another counter meme from the kids in Lumsden. (@les8L)

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