Regina domed stadium appears dead for now

With no federal money in hand for a proposed $400-million domed stadium for Regina, the deal is dead for now, the Saskatchewan government says.

With no federal money in hand for a $430-million domed stadium for Regina, the proposal is stalled for now, the Saskatchewan government says.

"This project can go no further at this time," said Ken Cheveldayoff, the minister responsible for the project, said Tuesday.

The province had been seeking a $100 million contribution from Ottawa and had applied for the money last June.

"We said right from the beginning that in order for a project like this to come to fruition, all levels of government along with the private sector would have to come together and make it happen," said Cheveldayoff.

But eight months later, there's been no response from the federal government. Partners in the project will have to look at their options, Cheveldayoff said.   

The stadium, which could come with several options, including a retractable roof, was touted as a new home for the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team as well as being a multi-use facility that could attract major music concerts to the city.

The existing home of the Riders, Mosaic Stadium west of the downtown, is an open-air stadium that club officials say is outmoded and in need of an upgrade.

The province, the city of Regina, and private supporters were supposed to provide the lion's share of the financing, but a big federal contribution was considered key to getting the project off the ground.

The lack of a federal commitment was a bitter blow to Mayor Pat Fiacco, who said the stadium project would mean the redevelopment of 46 acres of inner city land that could be used for housing.

Meetings involving the city, the province, and the Roughriders are being held soon to decide what to do next.

"I think the Riders would be certainly concerned if all of a sudden we said, 'No, it's done. We're just going to go with status quo.' We've always said from the get-go that status quo is not an option," Fiacco said during a conference call.

Among the options that have been discussed is a less-ambitious renovation project for Mosaic Stadium.

With files from The Canadian Press