Another $1M donated anonymously to Regina's Darke Hall renovations

An anonymous donor with deep pockets has donated $1 million to the restoration of the Regina concert venue, the second large donation since 2015.

Another $3M needed to reopen concert hall, says University of Regina

It is the second time since 2015 an anonymous donation of $1 million has been made to the Darke Hall restoration project. (Kirk Fraser/CBC)

Another anonymous donor has stepped forward to donate $1 million toward restoring a concert hall at the University of Regina.

The donation to the Darke Hall project was announced on Thursday morning.

Darke Hall, a music venue located on the University of Regina's College Avenue campus, originally opened in 1929 and requires significant repairs.

Some upgrades needed are to the facility's heating, cooling and electrical systems, for example. 

In 2015, $1 million was donated anonymously for improved accessibility for people with disabilities. 

In today's announcement, U of R president Vianne Timmons said a family approached the university who were interested in contributing to it in some way.

The family asked to be anonymous as a way to encourage others who may want to contribute, Timmons said. 

The family's connection to the building? Timmons said they're community members and community members have a connection to Darke Hall. 

There is still money to be raised, she added. Ideally, there needs to be an additional $12 million for the project but Timmons said the U of R feels another $3 million could open the facility.

She referred to those numbers as "lofty goals."