Regina clamping down on front lawn parking

People who park vehicles on a front lawn may soon be hearing from a bylaw enforcement officer.

Tweaked bylaw expected to improve enforcement

Parking in the front yard will cost Windsor residents a $25 fine. (CBC)

People in Regina who park vehicles on a front lawn may soon be hearing from a bylaw enforcement officer. The city has made bylaw changes to make enforcement easier.

According to officials, the change — which was approved by council Monday — should make it clearer what is and is not allowed when it comes to a front driveway.

The city said they want driveway widths kept to a minimum and ensure street parking spaces are available. They also want residential streets to look good.

The City of Regina has tweaked its rules to crack down on people who park illegally on lawns and front yards. (Aldo Columpsi/CBC)

One issue that was brought to the attention of council members concerned how some homeowners were using space beyond the driveway to their garage for parking and actually landscaping for more cars.

The change will limit a driveway width to a maximum number of cars. The exact wording is:

  • "The number of spaces that may be located in the front yard is limited to the capacity of the garage, carport or parking pad, or two spaces, whichever is greater."

The additions to the bylaw state the following:

  • "Vehicles parked on site shall only be parked in approved parking spaces or on a legal driveway leading up to a garage, carport or legal parking pad located on site."
  • "Parking is not permitted on any required landscape area."

The city said it wanted the bylaw changes in place for the spring and summer because that is when they get the most complaints about parking on front lawns.

The city also provided examples of different residential configurations and where parking would be allowed.

The city said enforcement will target those property owners who are the worst offenders.

Brian Black, from the Whitmore Park Community Association, addressed council and spoke in favour of an improved bylaw.

"It does impact the aesthetics of an area but there's also a safety element involved," Black said. "With vehicles parked in front of doors and things like that, which you see every once in a while, it does affect the ability to have emergency vehicles render assistance to anybody inside that building."

Black had been hoping the city would also address how some homeowners, who have corner lots, use the space at the side of the lot for parking. Officials said they are working on a wide ranging parking review which will further examine the issues of front and side yard parking.

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This City of Regina document shows where parking on your property is allowed or not allowed.


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