Regina's Blake Berglund turns travelling salesman for albums

Country artist Blake Berglund is going door to door to sell a double-disc set of his albums.

'As Saskatchewan artists, we have an innate ability to be hustlers,' country artist says

Blake Berglund says many of the albums he's sold door to door will be used as Mother's Day gifts. (Chris Haynes/CBC)

Residents in Regina shouldn't be surprised if they get a knock at their door from a man trying to sell his music.

Country artist Blake Berglund is pounding the pavement, going door to door to sell a double-disc of his albums Jasper, released in late 2014, and Coyote — 31 original songs in all.

Berglund initially tested out the idea of selling music at people's doorsteps after making his first acoustic record in Medicine Hat, back in 2008.

"It was kind of the classic story of needing a little bit extra money," he told CBC Radio's Saskatchewan Weekend.

"One evening I went and knocked on the neighbour's door and they bought and I found my way down the street and people were buying."

Berglund said the tactic turned out to be a success and he sold albums going door to door from 2008 and 2012. He hustled 10,000 copies of his first CD that way. 

Berglund decided to revisit his old ways about two weeks ago. He was nervous about setting out once again but says he's matured as both a musician and businessman.

"At the end of the day, the conversations I've been having are pretty incredible," he said

Berglund said it's interesting way to meet a diversity of people — from fans and those within the music industry to people who don't listen to music at all or buy an album just out of support.

Music turning 'more disposal'

He's called it a "shining light" to see people spend $20 to buy an album in the age of iTunes and online sales.

"I hate to say that there's been a diminishing respect for the quality of music. Music is much more disposal these days. You pick it up for free and you can get rid of it for free."

In terms of support for the local music industry, more managers and booking agents are needed, Berglund said, adding funding agencies for artists can't disappear.

"As Saskatchewan artists, we have an innate ability to be hustlers and we're very approachable," he said.

Berglund will be perform at the Regina Folk Festival this summer and plays with Chris Henderson on May 27 in Saskatoon and the next night in Regina.

With files from Saskatchewan Weekend