City of Regina monitors busy beavers bothering trees

The City of Regina is monitoring around 12 beavers in the city. That's normal for this time of year, but anyone who sees a beaver is asked to contact the city so the animal can be relocated.

Adult beavers are pushing their young out of the den

The city is monitoring beavers in Regina because they are damaging the trees. (CBC)

It's that time of year again, when adult beavers are pushing their young out of the den and into the world.

Beaver activity has increased in the city as the kits begin to look for their own place to live for the winter. The City of Regina is monitoring about a dozen beavers in the city. 

The dry weather left little water for the beavers, so they're travelling long distances to find a suitable home and fresh food.

"You're going to see them in the drainage channels, you're going to see them in Wascana Creek, you can even see them in the dog park," Regina's director of parks and open space Ray Morgan said Friday.

Beavers can be destructive and harm the trees which are an asset to the city, he said.

"We don't have too many naturally grown trees, in fact any, so we want to preserve anything we can." 

There are several trees in the city that now have wire protection on the bottom of their trunks. The city is encouraging homeowners to protect their own trees. 

Wire cages have been put up to protect Regina trees from busy beavers. (CBC)

The city has asked people to report beavers if they are seen, so the troublesome ones can be relocated outside of Regina .

with files from the Canadian Press