Group launches $2.8 million Regina Beach, Sask., explosion lawsuit

A group of Regina Beach, Sask., property owners have filed a lawsuit against SaskEnergy and six landowners.

SaskEnergy and 6 others named as defendants

Heavy equipment is used to clear away debris from an explosion in Regina Beach that destroyed one cottage and severely damaged many other buildings and homes. (CBC)

A group of Regina Beach, Sask. property owners have filed a lawsuit against SaskEnergy and six landowners in relation to the explosion on Dec. 3, 2014.

A total of 20 individuals and two businesses are seeking damages in excess of $2.8 million. The lawsuit was filed on on Tuesday. 

SaskEnergy confirmed in 2014 that a natural gas leak caused the explosion that levelled a home and damaged other properties in Regina Beach.

The community declared a state of emergency after the blast. Nobody was injured in the explosion. 

Allegations made in the statement of claim have not been proven in court. Statements of defence have not been filed.

SaskEnergy and 6 other defendants

The claim said a portion of SaskEnergy pipe was next to and on the property owned by Mark William Oldershaw, Kathleen Beverly Diane Oldershaw, Jolyan Noel Oldershaw, Yang Bai, Mark Julian Oldershaw and Lara Elizabeth Gaede.

It said the explosion happened "in or around the Oldershaw property. Surrounding properties and vehicles were in the proximity of the explosion."

"The explosion was caused when natural gas escaped from the gas line which had ruptured due to surrounding soil movement. The escaped natural gas was subsequently ignited by a source of ignition located within the boundaries of the Oldershaw Property," the statement reads.

The claim said nearby properties and vehicles suffered significant damage.

This photo was seen on Twitter shortly after a report of an exploded house in Regina Beach, Sask. (Twitter)

Claim against SaskEnergy

​The lawsuit reads the loss from the explosion was "caused by the negligence of SaskEnergy." It says the Crown corporation "breached its duty of care."

The claim alleges SaskEnergy should have known the gas line could have ruptured because of soil movement issues at Regina Beach. And that it should have designed a gas line capable of withstanding ground movement.

It says the "breaches of care" caused the gas line to break and produce an explosion.

Claim against property owners

The lawsuit alleges the explosion was also due to negligence from the Oldershaw property owners, including a failure to ensure nothing that would serve as a source of ignition was near escaped natural gas.