Man guilty of 2013 Halloween shooting in Regina sentenced to 12 years

A judge has sentenced Elijah Noname to 12 years in prison for the shooting death of 18-year-old Nolen Tanner.

With time served, Elijah Noname will remain behind bars for 7 years

Elijah Noname was found guilty of manslaughter in the 2013 shooting death of Nolen Tanner and sentenced Thursday to 12 years. (CBC)

A man who shot an 18-year-old six times following a 2013 Halloween party in Regina has been sentenced to 12 years behind bars.

On Thursday, a judge said Elijah Noname will serve seven more years in prison with credit for the time he's already spent in custody.

Noname was found guilty of manslaughter by a jury in January, following a two-and-a-half week trial in the shooting death of Nolen Tanner. 

Police were called to a home in the 500 block of Montreal Street in the early morning of Nov. 1, 2013, after receiving reports of fighting at a Halloween house party that had spilled onto the street. Both Tanner and Noname had been at the party.

Neighbours also reported hearing gunshots from the scene. 

'He was so excited to be a daddy'

Tanner left behind a three-week-old son and a girlfriend at the time of his death. 

According to a victim impact statement from the mother of Tanner's partner, the teen "believed in family, loyalty, caring, respect and most of all compassion.

Nolen Boyd Tanner, 18, was a father to a newborn son when he was fatally shot following a Halloween party in Regina. (Facebook)

"He was so excited to be a daddy and for the short while he was, he was the greatest," Lana Sheepskin said in a statement filed with the court.

The statement said the family has spent the last several years mourning Tanner's death. Sheepskin said Tanner's son, Liam, kissed his father's gravestone when it was placed on his grave. 

"All we can do now is show him videos of his daddy singing and dancing to him. Liam knows that's his dad because he smiled and watches with full attention," Sheepskin's statement said.

"As much as we would love to go back to that night and change or stop that party we can't," the statement reads. "I try to tell my children we can't carry hate for anyone, but pray for justice and show [that] Nolen was and will always be remembered by so many."

'Too many crimes involving firearms in Regina'

Prosecutor Kim Jones said the Crown was pleased with the sentence, which was brought forward as a joint recommendation with the defence.

He acknowledged that a 12-year sentence falls on the upper end of the scale for manslaughter, but said that was likely because firearms were involved.

Crown prosecutor Kim Jones says a 12-year sentence is at the upper end of punishment for a manslaughter conviction. (CBC)

"I know the family feels very strongly [that] this message simply has to go out that offenses of this nature won't be tolerated. There's far too many crimes involving firearms in Regina and in Saskatchewan these days.

"Bringing a sawed-off shotgun to a party is just going to be a disaster and it turned out here to be very tragic for everybody."