Reddit user's photos show 'breathtaking' Saskatchewan sights

A Reddit user's photos from a "glorious roadtrip" through Saskatchewan poke fun at the province.

Pictures from 'glorious road trip' poke fun at the province

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      Tourism Saskatchewan might want to get in touch with a Reddit user touting the exciting geography of this province.

      "Breathtaking Photos from my Glorious Road Trip across Saskatchewan," reads the title of the March 29 post from HippySol in the Canada section of the website.

      The images hosted on Imgur are mostly sarcastic jabs at Saskatchewan's seemingly unending flatness and wide open spaces. Some of the sights include a train, another train and an icy patch.

      People seem to enjoy the dry sense of humour as the Reddit post has around 2,400 upvotes and the Imgur gallery already has more than 36,000 views.

      It's all in good fun and you can flip through the photos above to see what all the fuss is about.

      Just don't expect to see anything as truly beautiful as these Saskatchewan scenery shots.