Saskatchewan boy wins contest to name RCMP puppy

Joseph Knutson from Prince Albert, Sask., suggested one of the winning puppy names: Kato.

Close to 21,000 entries submitted to name 13 German shepherd puppies born this year

These future RCMP police dogs now have names. (RCMP)

The puppies have names.

The RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre in Alberta received close to 21,000 entries in their contest to name the first 13 German shepherd puppies to be born at the centre this year.

All names had to start with the letter K.

For multiple entries of the same name, a draw determined the winning entry.

The winning names are: Koda, Kai, Kullu, Kage, Kammo, Kato, Kayla, Kazoo, Kate, Kaos, Kaya, Knight, and Karma.

Joseph Knutson from Prince Albert, Sask., was the youngster who suggested the name Kato, which was chosen as one of the winners. 

All 13 winners — one from each province and territory — will each receive a laminated photo of the puppy they named, a plush dog called Justice and an official RCMP baseball cap