Rash of suspicious fires keeps Regina firefighters busy

Firefighters have been called to several garbage and recycling bin fires since last Thursday. On Sunday, two garages went up in flames and overnight on Monday another shed was set ablaze.

Garages, sheds and back alley trash bins have all been set ablaze in the last few days

A fire destroyed two garages in Regina on Sunday, but firefighters said the situation could have been worse due to a fuel tank inside one of the garages. (Adrian Cheung/CBC)

There could be one or more fire bugs on the loose in Regina, if the numerous fires in the city are any indication.

Firefighters have been called out to a number of garbage and recycling bin fires since last Thursday — some of them on the same or neighbouring blocks. 

Crews have also battled garage fires, blazes in sheds and one at a home under construction. 

On Sunday, a Lorne Street fire leveled two garages and damaged a neighbouring home.

"That fire was so intense that it actually melted the siding on the homes some 20 feet away. [It] also scorched the deck at 405 Lorne Street," fire department spokesman Gerard Kay told CBC News. 

While Kay said that none of the incidents is thought to be related, he's calling many of them suspicious or deliberately set.

"In most cases, people or police had identified individuals who were around the area at the time, or took them into custody," he said. 

According to Kay, people should be vigilant about their properties and buildings.

They should keep their recycling and garbage bins away from their garages and sheds, but Kay also cautions not to store them in the back alley or on the street where people can easily set them alight. 


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