Rah Rah's new album Vessels drops today

The band's Marshall Burns and Erin Passmore say the new album is an evolution in their music writing.

Band's 4th full-length album out Sept. 11

Marshall Burns and Erin Passmore of the indie rock band Rah Rah joined The Morning Edition host Sheila Coles in studio to discuss the release of their new album, Vessels, on Sept. 11. (Nichole Huck/CBC)

Indie rock band Rah Rah is set to release its fourth full-length album on Friday. Members Marshall Burns and Erin Passmore both say Vessels is an evolution in their music writing. 

The pair sat down with The Morning Edition host Sheila Coles to talk about their new album. 

Burns said the things he writes about are "always changing." 

"What's on your mind when you're 19 is different from when you're 26," he said.

Among the new album's themes are memory and nostalgia. 

"I think most writers would agree: you can't dissociate one event from the next," he said. "Your entire life experience sort of culminates into a song. You live a little bit more, then your life experience culminates into the next song."

Rah Rah was nominated for for Alternative Album of the Year at the 2014 Juno Awards. (Baeblemusic)

Passmore said Vessels and 2012's The Poet's Dead taught the musicians to let go of their egos.

She described songwriting as a form of therapy: "cultivating this honest vulnerability, and being okay with that. And being out in the open."

"Taking that step with writing is a big step for me; you're being honest with yourself, 100 per cent," she said. 

Passmore said she did that for tracks Fix me and Surgery on the new album. 

"[Fix me] is pretty personal. It's about me feeling crazy a lot. But being really self-aware of how crazy you're coming off to other people," she said.

"Surgery is not about me, but looking at how you need to cut the badness out. Whether it's friends or relationships in your life, not really doing any good for yourself. It's gotta go."

The release party for Vessels is set for Sept. 11 in Toronto is at the Horseshoe Tavern at 9:00 p.m. EDT. 

After that, the band takes off on tour with Vancouver-based Dear Rouge. The tour include shows in Canada, the U.S. and throughout Europe.


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