Finding your zen on Regina's Wascana Lake

A Regina stand up paddle board shop takes yoga to a whole new level by holding classes on Wascana Lake.

Queen City SUP is one of few shops that offer yoga on stand up paddle board in Saskatchewan

Chantel Otitoju, an instructor at Queen City SUP, demonstrates a yoga pose on a stand up paddle board at Wascana Lake. (Katie Raskina/CBC News)

Most people have tried yoga in some shape or form — but what about yoga on a stand up paddle board, in the water?

Queen City SUP, a stand up paddling board shop located in Regina, Sask. is one of the few places in Saskatchewan that offers it. Classes are held on Wascana Lake.

Husband and wife team, Kristal McBain and Chris Bailey opened the shop in 2014.  McBain teaches paddle yoga, Bailey teaches paddle fit. Both of them are stand up paddle boarding instructors.

McBain said doing yoga on stand up paddle boards is a fun challenge.

"It take yoga to a whole new level," she said.

McBain said practicing yoga on stand up paddle boards at Wascana lets people take in the city while enjoying the lake. "You can see the city from a whole new perspective." 

Chantel Otitoju and Holly Schaeffer hold a yoga pose. (Katie Raskina/CBC News)

Chantel Otitoju, Queen SUP's newest instructor, took one of McBain's classes two years ago and loved it. "It was a surreal experience," she said.

The combination of the poses and the balancing on the board takes the workout to a new level Otitoju said.

"It works your body and your muscles in a whole way that just being indoors can't do."

Steady, growing demand

Turnout at yoga paddle classes has increased over the years at Queen City SUP and more classes have been added to meet the demand, Bailey said.

This summer, classes will be held at Katepwa Beach in Katepwa, Sask. a resort village 95 kilometres northeast of Regina, in addition to classes at Wascana Lake.

Class schedules can be found at

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What happens if you fall in?

More than 10 years ago, in what was called the Big Dig, Wascana Lake was deepened to improve water quality. But, some Regina residents still haven't been able to scrape the thought of the once dirty lake out of their minds.

McBain said circulation in the lake has been good since the dig. She said she and her students fall in on a daily basis and are just fine.

"We haven't developed gills yet," McBain said.