Sask. couple spends 25 years growing Christmas tree for legislature

The seven-metre tree at Legislative Building came from a farm outside Prince Albert, Sask. Gaudet Trees Ltd., which has been supplying the trees for several years.

Christmas tree grower says tree is about 25-years-old

The mighty fir tree on display at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building this Christmas came from just outside Prince Albert. (Submitted by Gaudet Trees Ltd.)

Ray Gaudet has been told money grows on trees, but working in the Christmas tree business has taught him growth takes a while.

Going from a seed to the seven-metre balsam fir that sits proudly on the Saskatchewan Legislative Building's balcony took some time — about 25 years, according to Gaudet.

"It takes, like, more than 10 years just to get to [three metres] or so. You need deep pockets, I'll tell you," he said. 

Gaudet and his wife Kelly own and operate Gaudet Trees Ltd. near Prince Albert and have been supplying the Legislature with trees for a number of years.

The first time he sent down a balsam pine, but said the 1,000-pound tree was a bit on the unwieldy side.

"Oh my god, they had trouble with that because I had no idea it had to go up the legislative steps," said Gaudet.

He said the tree not only had to go up two flights of stairs, but also down a hallway and through the premier's boardroom before finally making it onto the balcony.

"That was a real task." 

The year after, they switched to balsam fir, which he said is lighter and easier to manoeuvre into position. 

Gaudet Trees Ltd., which is about 24 km southwest of Prince Albert, is home to over 100,000 trees.

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