Prince Albert calls for inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women

Prince Albert is joining Saskatoon in a call for a national inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

P.A. the latest Sask. city to support an inquiry

(Ryan Pilon/CBC)

First Saskatoon.

Now, Prince Albert.

The Gateway to the North is the latest Saskatchewan city to call for a national inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

Saskatoon's council passed a similar motion at the end of October.

Prince Albert Mayor Greg Dionne is sending a letter this week to the prime minister showing support for the cause. City council voted in favour of sending the letter.​ 

Dionne said an inquiry will cost money, but that the positives far outweigh the negatives.

"What an inquiry will do is bring the attention to this problem. Because I think the problem can't just be solved by the police. It's a social problem," he said. 

"I think the biggest reason that we did it is the list continues to grow. It isn't the case of they're solving some of these 1,200. It continues to grow monthly and that's what's scary about it," said Dionne.    

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall also supports a national inquiry.