Premier Scott Moe learns to dance like a moose

Linda Otnes Henriksen, vice-mayor of the Norwegian municipality of Stor-Elvdal, taught Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe a moose dance Wednesday.

"Moose dance" lesson comes from Norway's Linda Otnes Henriksen

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe shows his dance moves with Linda Otnes Henriksen of Norway, vice-mayor of the community with the world's tallest moose statue. 0:20

A photo opportunity featuring Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, Moose Jaw Mayor Fraser Tolmie and Linda Otnes Henriksen, Vice-Mayor of Stor-Elvdal, Norway, turned into a dance lesson Wednesday afternoon.

You can view the result for yourself:

Linda Otnes Henriksen, vice-mayor of the Norwegian municipality of Stor-Elvdal, teaches Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe the moose dance. Henriksen's town currently holds the record for largest moose statue in the world, a record that once belonged to Moose Jaw. (Brian Rodgers/CBC)

Henriksen came to Saskatchewan to meet with Tolmie, setting the stage for peace after weeks of pointed banter over which town boasted the biggest moose statue in the world.

After discussing a recently declared "Moose Truce" and smiling for some photos, Henriksen taught Premier Moe the dance, which is featured a Visit Norway video. 

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