Prelim date set for men charged in Santos murder

Crown will present its evidence against two of three men charged with murdering Lorry Ann Santos in September preliminary hearing.

Case will highlight White Boy Posse connection

Lorry Santos was murdered in her Saskatoon home in September 2012. (Courtesy: Santos Family)

The Crown will lay out its case against two of three men charged with murdering Saskatoon mother Lorry Ann Santos at a preliminary hearing this fall.

Santos, 34, was fatally shot when she answered the door to her to suburban home early in the morning of Sept. 12, 2012. The case baffled police because there were no suspects and no apparent motive.

Police eventually charged three men with first degree murder. Investigators say her killers are members of an Alberta white supremacist group called White Boy Posse. Police believe that the men killed Santos by mistake while trying to break into the Saskatoon drug market.

The men are also charged with killing a man outside Lloydminster two weeks after the Santos shooting, and then decapitating another man and leaving his head in an Edmonton alley.

A 15-day preliminary hearing is set to begin Sept. 23 at provincial court in Saskatoon. The Crown will present its evidence against Randy James Wayne O'Hagan and Joshua Petrin. Both men appeared by video link in court Friday morning, O'Hagan from jail in Edmonton and Petrin from Saskatoon.

A third man, Kyle Darren Halbauer, will be in court in Saskatoon on May 3.

Lorry Santos died answering the door to her home. (CBC News)