Saskatchewan·Empty Room Series

Round 2: Poor Nameless Boy makes a name for himself in Empty Room Series

Joel Henderson became Poor Nameless Boy on stage in order to set himself apart from the other musicans in his family. He hits the Creative City Centre stage once again to show what sets him apart.

Joel Henderson took a stage name to stand apart from his already famous family

Joel Henderson is Poor Nameless Boy. (Brent Nielsen)

For some time, Joel Henderson felt like he didn't have a name of his own. After all, his musical family had already claimed Henderson. 

His grandmother played drums and piano, his father was a touring musician and his brother Chris Henderson was already starting his own career.

He felt like a poor, nameless boy. So he took this name for himself. 

Now, Poor Nameless Boy is making a name for himself on his own. 

He's back with another tune called River and Trees. 

Earlier, he got up on the stage at the Creative City Centre with violinist, Carmelle Pretzlaw, to claim the spotlight as his own. 

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