24-hour board gaming marathon raises funds for Souls Harbour

From Saturday morning to Sunday morning, board gamers played for 24 hours at the Dean Smith Youth Centre to raise funds for shelter, food and programming for Souls Harbour

SaskGames says to Play With Your Food

The Play With Your Food event happened Oct. 15 to 16. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)

It was non-stop board gaming for a good cause.

It was 24 hours of continuous board gaming at the Dean Smith Youth Centre for the Play With Your Food Fundraiser, raising money for shelter, food and programming at Souls Harbour. 

"Basic math to add up points is getting a little difficult, but other than that I'm feeling pretty good," said participant Kristy Smith in the final hours of the event. "They pump us full of coffee … Pretty much on a high until you get home and then crash."

Organized by SaskGames, Murray Bennett said they have different games for different points in the challenge. 

"The interesting part is the games now are so immersive that the trick is to play the tougher, harder, mentally challenging games early and as the evening wears on to find the lighter ones," said Bennett, chairman of Play With Your Food for SaskGames. "Less brain power, more fun."

The Play With Your Food event happened at the Dean Smith Youth Centre for 24 hours. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)


SaskGames has about 1,100 members, and they meet twice weekly in Regina to play board games. This is the fourth year the event is raising money for Souls Harbour.

"We decided a few years back, we're playing games, why not do it and help people out that don't have as much as we have?" said Bennett.

110 people, split into 23 teams, raise money throughout the year and through the event. Their goal was to raise $30,000.

According to Bennett they raised over $42,000 this year. That brings their four-year fundraising total to over $125,000.