Saskatoon man featured in joke on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

A Saskatoon man got some unexpected exposure during a joke on late-night television.

Between a joke about all-in-one shampoo and long underwear, there was Rylan Schultz's photo

A screen grab of the segment in which Jimmy Fallon has fun with a stock photo of Saskatoon musician Rylan Schultz. (The Tonight Show/YouTube)

A Saskatoon man has received some serendipitous attention thanks to a popular late-night talk show.

On Feb. 17's The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon — between a joke about all-in-one shampoo and long underwear — a member of a relatively unknown, indie band had his photo shown during Fallon's "Thank You Notes" segment.

The segment featured a photo of The Pistolwhips' Rylan Schultz, exhaling outside during a Saskatoon winter. While the photo of Schultz was up on screen, with a plume of cold breath coming from his mouth, Fallon wrote a thank you note to cold weather, "for making it look like like I'm constantly vaping."

Schultz, who told CBC he does not vape, didn't see the episode when it debuted but his buddies on social media were quick to let him know about the unexpected air time.

"I think some of my friends on Facebook have already made that joke that I'm the next Dick Assman, which is pretty hilarious," said Schultz.

The stock photo was taken six years ago by one of Schultz's friends. He thinks his friend, who worked for a photography company at the time, put the photo online in a stock image database.

Rylan Schultz is a member of The Pistolwhips, a Saskatoon-based indie rock band. (Facebook)

Schultz has since filmed a response for Fallon. 

"We decided to make a little response video to Jimmy Fallon to maybe, hopefully, prompt him to get the band, get my band The Pistolwhips, on the show," said Schultz.