Pay it forward: Regina group spreading kindness in community

What happens on a Regina Facebook page is a cornucopia of kindness. From community barbecues to sweet treats for firefighters, the options are endless for Pay it Forward.

When someone does you a favour ... pay it forward.

Emily McCall helps her mother and the Pay it Forward team to pack meals for those in need. (Joelle Seal/CBC)

Pay it Forward, one person at a time.

A group in Regina is trying to encourage that philosophy.

What happens on the group's Facebook page is a cornucopia of kindness. From community barbecues to sweet treats for firefighters, the options are seemingly endless for Pay it Forward.

On Wednesday, three administrators of the group were working to bag lunches to give to people in need. All of the supplies had been donated by other members of the group. Organizers dropped off some of the meals to be picked up at the Lawson, and then went driving to hand out lunches personally to people in need as well.

Bagged meals ready to be dropped off. (Joelle Seal/CBC)

"It means a lot to me to show my daughters that there is positive left in the world. It's easy to be negative, but it takes a lot more to be positive, and that's why we do it," said Amanda McCall, an administrator of the Facebook page for three years.

"I see them wanting to donate their clothes, donate their toys, or when we're out instead of choosing a gift [for themselves] off the shelf, they will want to buy something for someone else who doesn't have something."

Helping hands

Christine Goetz and Deb Heichert lent a helping hand in Wednesday's sandwich assembly line and delivery as well.

Goetz said that McCall's positivity is contagious, and she has seen her other friends eager to help out in their community as well.

"I don't like to give handouts, but I like to give hand-ups," Heichert explained.

Heichert said she has also seen great support, and more people coming out to help in their community.

"It's just so overwhelming some days," she said. "Everything comes from the heart."

The sandwich assembly line for Pay it Forward. (Joelle Seal/CBC)

Inspiring others

Project Impact SK is another group designed to help people in need. Jacyntha Laviolette started the initiative in July 2016.

She makes healthy, plant-based soups and her initiative is completely donation-based. She prepares all the food herself, and delivers it or arranges for pickups.

To date, she said she has provided 292 cups of soup to people in need.

"The more we work together as a community, the more we care for each other, the better off we will all be," Laviolette wrote in an email.

School supply donation drive

The latest project of the Pay it Forward team is a school supply donation drive. The team is hoping to collect a list of supplies for children who are heading back to class in the fall.

The group did the same last year, but has seen a growth in community involvement in the donation drive this year. 

McCall said she has collected enough supplies to provide 75 students with all they need for the new school year.

Amanda McCall has collected enough school supplies to provide to 75 students this new school year. (Joelle Seal/CBC)

With files from CBC Radio's The Morning Edition