ParentsCanada toy of the day: Saddle n' ride Barbie

The Morning Edition is sharing some of the top picks for toys this Christmas season. Today's pick is a doll that's more than 60 years old but she can still mount a horse and go for a ride.

New Barbie rides on a horse with a push of a button

ParentsCanada picks horse-riding Barbie as a top toy for this Christmas

7 years ago
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Saddle n' ride Barbie can mount and ride on a horse with a push of a button.

She's been an astronaut, an Olympic gymnast, and an ambassador for world peace.

Barbie's done it all but one thing she can't do is move on her own, until now. 

All this week, The Morning Edition is looking at some of the toys hand-picked by a panel at ParentsCanada.

The magazine's editor Janice Biehn stopped by to show host Sheila Coles a Barbie that's going places.

Saddle n' ride Barbie and horse

ParentsCanada editor Janice Biehn brought a big box of new toys to show the Morning Edition's Sheila Coles. (Coreen Larson)

This horse and doll duo can walk off into the sunset with a push of a button. Barbie's hand fits into a slot in the horse's mane. When you push a button on the horse's head, Barbie swings up and onto the horse and then off they go.

AGE: 3+

COST: $45

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