Paranormal team investigate Regina's German Club

For years people have reported eerie,unexplained incidents at the Regina German Club, the club finally decided to call in Saskatchewan's P.A.S.T. (Paranormal & Supernatural Team), to come and verify everyone’s suspicions.

Apparitions and voices caught on camera

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      Nearly two months ago, CBC's The Morning Edition spoke to the manager of Regina's German Club, Kerri Van Loosen about some of the strange things that have happened at the club over the years. 

      "We've seen orbs in photos. There have been people — including my husband — who have heard toilets flushing when no one was upstairs, stove turning on high by itself, lights being turned on with noise being hear like dancing and laughing and when you go and look the lights are off and no one is there," said Van Loosen. 

      The Saskatchewan Paranormal and Supernatural Team (P.A.S.T) recording some of the sounds from the club. Here is one. What do you hear? 0:12

      Van Loosen said she's not aware of any major traumatic events that have occurred in the club and offered her own possible explanation. "When we notice the orbs in photos it's usually when it's a high energy event going on, dancing or some of our big cultural events," she said. "I wonder if deceased members are drawn to that and come party with us." 

      When we notice the orbs in photos it's usually when it's a high energy event going on... I wonder if deceased members are drawn to that and come party with us?- Kerri Van Loosen, Manager of Regina's German Club 

      At the end of August, Van Loosen invited the Saskatchewan Paranormal and Supernatural Team (P.A.S.T) into the German Club to begin an investigation. The plan was to reveal the findings on Oct. 30 at a special paranormal night at the Club. 

      Investigators capture voices and images on camera

      Cory Nagy is an investigator with the team. He said they caught a full body apparition on camera and captured what he said sounds like the words "well listen" and "ja I do". 

      Nagy and his team have investigated many spots all over southern Saskatchewan, including in Qu'Appelle and the Milestone Hotel and Bar. These investigations will form the basis of a new show called P.A.T.H. launching at 11 p.m. CST on Oct. 30 on Access. 


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